Sunday, September 12, 2010

British Frames

A friend moved and before he left he gave me some parts to include 3 frames. I thought I would be mechanical and do something with them but I decided to try to sell them. Well, I posted them on craigslist and within 3 hours they were sold. They were cool looking frames and I believe very good quality. The guy who bought them seemed to be really excited to get them.

Windsor Frame

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

English Frames

Chris before he moved to Florida gave me some bicycle parts to include a few frames. I'm not that mechanical so I though I would try to sell them. I sold both of the frames here to one guy. He seemed happy to get them.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Phillips 3 Speed

I sold this bicycle to a young college girl. They drove an hour and 15 minutes to pick it up. I was a Phillip with a SA 3 speed hub. It shifted well, you had to slowly shift into each gear. It kind of re mined me of shifting my old BMW motorcycles. I spent a good hour clean it up. I paid $10 for it and sold it for $100. If this bike would have been sold in NYC or Boston it would have gone for about $225. I think she got a good deal. I hope she enjoys the bike.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Yesterday my family and I took a day trip to Boston and Cambridge Massachusetts. It was a great day. We saw the USS Constitution, Bunker Hill and its Monument, had a nice lunch and I got to see Old Roads bike shop in Cambridge. I expected the shop to have more bicycle as they said on there website they have about 100 on the floor which I didn't think they had that many. I went looking for a men British 3 speed but they only had one and I did not want to pay as much as they were asking. It was fun looking around though and the staff was nice. They were really busy with customers. I did find bin that had a few head badges in it.

I bought two head badges at Old Roads. I saw a Robin Hood head badge on ebay before so when I saw this one at the shop I was excited. The Fleet Wing head badge reminded me of a bicycle I had a few years ago. It was a beautiful Fleet Wing that was a light metallic green, chrome fenders, chrome rack and it was just an over all beautiful bike but of course it was a women's model. So that was a cool head badged to get. I also bought a walking stick badge at the USS Constitution.

Love these bike post locking stations. Bikes all over the place in Boston and Cambridge.

A pair of pearl pink road bikes locked up together out side in Cambridge. I love the wheels on the bike in the back.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bicycle Headbadge Walking Stick

A few years ago I was a leader at a scout camp. Many of the other leaders had walking sticks which they decorated and sense then I wanted one. We went to visit some friends who moved to Maryland and next to there house there was an wooded lot. I walked through it and I found a very light weight stick that I though would make a good walking stick. It was longer and it had a cool hook to the thicker end but I cut it off because it made me look like Moses. I then found a couple of old beat up bicycle at tag sales. The first was a BSA women's bike that had been left out side and in disrepair. I bought it for $2 pretty much just for the head badge. The Raleigh head badge I got off of a really beat up women's bike. I gave a friend the bike. Those two were the first and on there a long time alone. Then I added the Joshua Tree badge from a trip out to the national park, the Nishiki badge is from a mountain bike my Dad had sitting out side, the Schwinn is off my Mom's red Varsity which used to mint but my Dad left it out side, the Panasonic is off a women's 10 speed, the Puch badge is off a huge frame Puch, the green badge is from a Los Angles bicycle race in 1967 and the La Salle badge is one I bought from Dave (former owner of Pedal Pushing and Ye Old Bike Shoppe) and the Columbia badges is off a men's bike that I had for a short while, too big for me. Anyway, I thought this was a good way to display them.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Schwinn 434

This was a cool story. I had bought this Schwinn 434 road bike for parts but decided to pass it on. The guy who picked it up told he had road across the United States last summer on a bike from REI. He said he took the bike back after the ride so that is why he wanted this one. What was cool is that he sent me a picture of the bike after he had fixed it up. What a nice job he did. It seems like leather Brooks saddles are in style right now for road bikes. One thing with this bike is that the seat post tightened with a screw in the post its self. I guess there a lot of 434 out there with missing seat post and that make the bike kind of useless.

Hang em High

Where do I store all of my bikes. My garage and shed. 16 in the garage and 5 in the shed a this point. I love bicycle hooks. Granted there are a few kids bikes and women's bikes mixed in with the lot. I have seen another idea of hanging bikes from their seats, I will have to try that if I get more.